Accelerate Group

More Than Technology

In a fast-paced world, information technology is at the forefront for organisations ensuring that accurate, timely and relevant services are presented to the world, driving excellence and growth for the organisation. With information technology at the forefront, reputation is everything.

Accelerate Group has earned its reputation by delivering outstanding services and solutions to increasingly demanding corporate environments. Accelerate Group maintains a National presence and Accelerate handpicks their staff for their excellence, experience and expertise. The staff at Accelerate Group bring a new level of information technology, information security and cloud-based management and integration services, supported by trusted advisory & consulting services to the business across a number diverse industry sectors in Australia.

We provide pragmatic and cost-effective ICT advisory & consulting to organisations ensuring the people, process and technology attributes of the organisation are effectively secured and managed.

Accelerate Group operates delivering consulting, advisory and solutions under the following model and key service areas:

Mission Statement

Nurture confidence for Accelerate Group’s stakeholders ensuring value, protection and productivity. We achieve this by providing quality and pragmatic services to complex technology related business problems efficiently.





Why Accelerate Group


All consultants, analysts and engineers at Accelerate Group provide expert skills and knowledge in their subject area to solve customer problems relating to their ICT, Security and Cloud environments.

Outcome Motivated

Accelerate Group delivers on all proposed work to the client and goes above and beyond the proposal for a client to ensure an adequate delivery of services, and they satisfy the requirements of the client.

Strategic Partnerships

Accelerate Group maintains strategic partnerships with vendors and with business partners ensuring a networked approach to delivering services is performed providing the right organisations and people for the work ensuring an end to end provision of services.

Trusted Advisor

Accelerate Group is a trusted advisor, always maintaining respect, integrity, and honesty throughout the entire lifecycle of engagement with the client, and collaborating effectively with partners, vendors and the client to achieve the common key outcomes.

Agile Service

We operate a strong dynamic team of consultants, analysts and engineers that can move quickly and effectively for clients when they require this attention.

Cost Effective

We are well placed to provide pragmatic and cost-effective services and solutions to clients no matter the size or nature of business.