IICA Technical Expo Week (Western Australia)

IICA Technical Expo Week (Western Australia)

Since 1943 the Institute of Instrumentation, Control and Automation (IICA) has been leading the way in the Instrumentation, Control and Automation Industry.  It provides members with a forum around the Instrumentation, Control and Automation subject areas through critical subject pillars being benchmarking, networking and education.

In the week commencing 9th October 2017, the IICA hosted a Technical Expo in Geraldton as well as in Perth two days later.  This expo brought organisations and vendors together from many disciplines within the instrumentation, control and automation areas to showcase their organisations, meet existing and new wonderful people in this area and to network and identify new business opportunities.

Accelerate Group provides ICT advisory and consulting services in all sectors and industries.  All problems are approached from people, process and technology perspective, identifying the key issues in the organisation and ensuring the right balance of governance and technology is applied to solve the issues presented.  We are strategically partnered with some fantastic organisations to provide a complete end to end solution to business problems around the digital and technology space.

Accelerate Group was an exhibitor at both the Geraldton and Perth IICA Technical Expos.  Accelerate Group’s CIO Thomas Jreige presented at the Geraldton Expo on Operational Technology Security: Current State, Threats and the Future.  The presentation, a great success.  The Mayor of Geraldton, Shane Van Styne and the CEO of the Mid West Chamber of Commerce & Industry visit and had lunch with the exhibitors and discussed the current business landscape and vision for Geraldton.  The Perth conference saw a six times influx of organisations and exhibitors, and it was great networking with some of the wonderful stakeholders and representatives of these organisations.  Accelerate Group’s stand provided organisations and other vendors to understand the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IT advisory, consulting and solutions capability.

All-in-all, both events were a great success, managed and co-ordinated by IICA WA’s Cassandra Brennan.  The execution was great and wonderful feedback was provided about the number of people who attended and support provided by Cassandra and the IICA team throughout the Expo.

The IICA will be holding more conferences in the 2018 calendar around the country, and those who take an interest in the instrumentation, control and automation area should attend at least one of these conferences.

Thomas Jreige will be presenting on Operational Technology Security and IoT at different events throughout 2018 and if IoT is being implemented in your organisation, please attend one of these events.  More information about Operational Technology, ICT and IoT, please contact Accelerate Group to discuss your requirements.